About Graphic Overlays and Fascias:

Polycarbonate and polyester films are commonly used for overlays and fascias.

The printing is applied under-surface which protects the text and graphics from wear and abrasion. A variety of surface finishes are available from gloss to anti-glare and matt. Textures or clear areas can be selectively applied.

Multiple colours and complex graphics can be printed as well as transparent, tinted or “secret till lit” windows for displays and LEDs.

Embossing can be incorporated on keys, to provide a tactile feel, as well as on borders and graphics to enhance the appearance of the overlay. Holes, apertures and complex outer profiles are die-cut after printing.

We can supply overlays laminated to metal backing plates and panels ready to accept PCBs and displays.

We recommend you contact us at an early stage in your project to discuss your requirements when we will be happy to offer advice on achieving the best results possible


Highly durable and functional graphic overlays and fascias.

The use of overlays allows attractive graphics and finishes to be applied to fascias and control panels.

Polycarbonate overlays, self-adhesive overlays manufactured and finished to exact specification. Graphic overlays for keypads and machinery interfaces.





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Polycarbonate Overlay

This product

Polycarbonate overlay laminated to sheet metal for audio mixing desk.

19 inch Rack Panel with embossed overlay.

19 inch Rack Panel with embossed overlay.

Polycarbonate overlay

This product

Polycarbonate overlay for metal backing plate, screen printed and dye-cut.

Polycarbonate overlay for metal backing plate

This product

Polycarbonate overlay for metal backing plate.

Membrane Switch Panel

Membrane Touch screen label

Robust long-lasting switching with high quality print finish.

Counter-top Braille

To the highest standards

Our ‘one-stop’ service covers the manufacture of chassis, enclosures, control panels, fascias, overlays, keypads, nameplates and labels. In-house finishing facilities include screen printing, stove enamelling, powder coating, RFI shielding, anodising and alocroming. We are ISO9001:2015 accredited. Valid Until: 21 February 2027.

Domed Labels

Domed Labels

Superior finish high quality self adhesive labels to your specification.

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